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When you’re from Wisconsin, you know your cheese. Pretty sure it’s something they taught in kindergarten along with letters, numbers and shapes. But that was a long time ago. After all those years, you still know your cheese. String to curd, wheels to wedges, blocks you’ve taken bites of – it’s ok, cheeseheads won’t judge. In all your time of chowing cheddar, sawing swiss, grazing gouda, munching muenster, you may have missed a true treat. Ladies and gentleman, get to know Juusto. Get to know Pasture Pride Cheese.

What is Juusto? It’s Pasture Pride’s award winning Finnish baked cheese, boasting a smooth, buttery flavor with the just right amount of squeak. It’s been made in Scandinavia for over 200 years. Lucky for us, Pasture Pride makes theirs a little closer to home in Cashton. Now for a foreign language lesson. Our Scandinavian cousins call it “Juustoleipa” or “Ostbrod” meaning bread cheese. Enough linguistics, what’s this cheese all about?

You’ll notice it looks different. These bundles of joy come packaged as a flat rectangle with a toasty crust on the surface. Pasture Pride bakes each piece in their special ovens. So how do you prepare it? The simplest way is to warm it up. Don’t worry, it won’t melt. Juusto holds its shape! Oven, microwave, skillet, grill – just get it warm enough until it glistens. Mmmm…glistening cheese.

While warm, slice, eat may be a basic method, Pasture Pride has tons of ways to make your Juusto jump. The package suggests enjoying Juusto for breakfast or dessert with honey, jam or syrup. Serve it as an app with salsa or savory dips. If you want to take your new found love for Juusto beyond second base, take a look at the Pasture Pride Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or website for recipe ideas. Cube some for kabobs. Add it to pasta. Get crazy, top off a burger.

Juusto can be used in so many different ways, and with all the different flavors in the line up, holy cow. There’s traditional, chipotle, jalapeno, italiano, bacon, and last but not least, garlic. Hungry? Thought so. Pick some up at your local grocery store, get it from the source at the Pasture Pride Cheese Store in Cashton or order online and have it delivered to your door. To think, this is just one type of cheese Pasture Pride produces. You’re gonna want to also grab their goat cheese and muenster curds too.

As a four generation family owned and operated business, Pasture Pride does cheese the right way. Crafted with milk from local Amish dairies which is delivered to the factory in chilled milk cans. Yup. That’s old fashioned. Maybe that’s why they’ve won so many awards. Something about that is just so Wisconsin. 

Do yourself a favor, cheesehead. Try the Justo. If you’re hungry for more info on Pasture Pride Cheese, check out their listing at

Jesse Waller

Jesse Waller

Jesse is a Creative Writer with the Marketing Strategist Team at Mid-West Family La Crosse. After nearly 20 years with MWF, he's seen all sides of the biz - behind the mic, with the sales team and now in the digital realm. When Jesse's not writing he's been known to dabble in homebrewing, vinyl hording, hockey watching and more recently, trying to not fall off mountain bikes. Oh, he has a dog too.

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