Music: It’s All the Same Damn Thing for Andy Hughes & Alexander Platt, pt. 1

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There are so many different kinds of music.  You can call them “genres” I suppose.  Or, maybe there is just one Music.  That was the idea I had when I asked Alexander Platt, Music Director for the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra and Andy Hughes, from Tugg and Andy Hughes & the Mighty Few, to sit down with me.  They had never met.  Came from different upbringings and very different musical backgrounds.  What could they ever have in common?  This is part 1 of their answer.

And check out these full performances of the music we highlighted in the show. Andy Hughes and the Mighty Few “Little Miss America”. And The LaCrosse Symphony Orchestra, The Double Violin Concerto begins at about 45 minutes but the entire performance is worth the watch.