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608 Brewing Company Oktoberfest Beerlympics

 Sep 30,2022

9:00 am


608 Brewing Company Oktoberfest Beerlympics

This Oktoberfest, we’re hosting our 2nd annual Beerlympics! Teams of 4 will compete in individual competitions and group events to be crowned 608 Brewing Company’s Golden G.O.A.Ts. Events will vary from group attire worn, skill, strength, and of course, ability to consume beer.
Group Signup will start next week Monday in the taproom and will be $30 each team. Points will be awarded based on how your team scores compared to the other teams. Whoever scores the most points at the end of the challenges wins their name on our Oktoberfest Beerlympics trophy that will be permanently presented in our taproom, 4x $25 gift cards and a free merch item for each member of the team(no hoodies/sweats)!
Dress To Impress (Team):
Our staff judges rate your group’s attire for the competition. From team sports attire to traditional fest clothes, anything goes. Tying your team name in is obviously a bonus as well.
Beer Limbo (Individual):
This event will test the flexibility of one of your teammates. Just an old fashioned Limbo with a twist. You must go under the limbo stick while holding a stein of water, with no spilling. Bump the stick or spill a drop and your out! Every pass through the stick lowers until we have a champion.
Das BOOT (Individual):
One member of your team drinks a 1L boot of festbier as quickly as they can. A feat of gut strength.
Tri-Clamp Gasket Toss (Individual):
One member of your team has 10 tri-clamp gasket tosses into an array of buckets. Most gaskets in buckets wins!
Keg Hold (Individual):
Stand and hold an empty keg away from your body as long as you can. Last person standing wins! Approx ~30lbs
Pretzel Chug Relay (Team):
Each member has to eat 5 pretzels and then drink a pint of festbier, one by one until all team-members have completed. Fastest group time wins!
Come get your Oktoberfest celebration off on the right foot! We’ll also be giving out custom beer-fest pins for anyone who makes a purchase at 608 all weekend long. Cheers ya’ll!


608 Brewing Company
83 Copeland Ave
La Crosse, WI 54601 United States
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(608) 519-9686
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