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Carolyn Colleen, Owner of Acton Academy Midwest

Acton Academy Midwest helps their 4K through 12th Grade students create their own path to success by developing the real world skills and character traits that matter most.

Carolyn Colleen is the Founder of Acton Midwest, a private STEM school in Onalaska, where the philosophy is clear thinking, which leads to good decisions, good decisions lead to the right habits, the right habits lead to character and character becomes destiny.


Follow Acton Midwest on Facebook, check out their team, and reach out with any questions!

Join their Annual Kidz Biz Fair, open to all local children, at Onalaska Omni Center April 29th from 9a-noon.


Open to children all over the Coulee Region, Children’s Business Fair gives kids the opportunity to be entrepreneurs-boosting their confidence, teaching valuable lessons, and giving them an experience they will never forget.

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