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Around river city


Clearwater Farm

We live in an area filled with places, large and small, that let you escape the city without really leaving.  Clearwater Farm is one of those places. 


It’s IN Onalaska, close by, easy to find and an actual living, breathing farm.  It has all the farm stuff you want.  Chickens?  Oh ya, lots of them, some you will have never seen before.  How bout a donkey?  Yup.  Plenty of goats, too.  And a huge garden, a really huge barn and an event space.  Oh ya, there’s a llama, too.  It also has lots of volunteers including Shari Collas.  Shari gave me a tour of the farm and we sat down and talked about…well…farm stuff, you know things like keeping the animals happy, giving back to the community and helping kids realize their potential.

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