Hosted by Ken Cooper with background photo

After decades of talking for a living on the radio, Ken Cooper appreciates the joy of listening.  Turns out it's the best part of a good conversation.   Listen in with Ken and his guests for conversations that might enlighten you, may entertain you and will definitely help you discover why "Around River City" is such a cool place to call home.

Adhemar Lino Cortez: International Man With a Plan

February 12, 2021

He goes by Lino and he was born in Bolivia. He coaches soccer, he mixes drinks and he wants to make things better.

Tom Walsh: 30 Years a Cop

January 29, 2021

Tom Walsh was a police officer for the City of LaCrosse for 30 years and he has seen more than I could have imagined.

Joe Cody the Strummin’ Guitar Player

January 15, 2021

The roots of the La Crosse music scene are deep.  The culture goes way…WAY back.  Joe Cody has been a part of it for a long time and is still going strong.  Writing new music, playing whenever he can and livin’ his life.  Join us for a relaxed, conversation about music, friends, singing with his kids, influences and time.