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Todd, Michael, Bourbon, Foam and Helping People

Well, this turned out to be one heck of a conversation.  Todd Vercruysse and Michael Garcia are 2 very smart, very real and very fun people.  We sat down to talk about their business, Land Home Financial, here in La Crosse.  And I was honest with them when I said the thought of talking about mortgages and finances for an hour or so didn’t sound like fun to me.  I didn’t need to worry.  We touched on those topics but then, as good conversations do, it sort of…went every which way.  Scotch vs Bourbon (I won this argument, no matter what they say).  Foam (you’ll just have to listen).  Who’s a a Cubs fan?  And if you can top any of our drinking stories, I want you for my next podcast. Get in touch with Michael and Todd.

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