Around River City Podcast

Joe Cody the Strummin’ Guitar Player

By Ken Cooper | January 15, 2021

The roots of the La Crosse music scene are deep.  The culture goes way…WAY back.  Joe Cody has been a part of it for a long time and is still going strong.  Writing new music, playing whenever he can and livin’ his life.  Join us for a relaxed, conversation about music, friends, singing with his kids, influences and time.

Art Fahey: He Brings The Fun to Town

By Ken Cooper | December 14, 2020

Art Fahey has been with the La Crosse Center for 30 years, 20 of those as Director.

Breasts pt. 2: Lisa vs The Implants

By Ken Cooper | October 29, 2020

I’m continuing my conversations inspired by October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So the topic is breasts. To be specific, it’s Lisa Olson’s breast implants. If you know Lisa, you know this will be an interesting conversation

Breasts pt. 1: Chrissy Russell

By Ken Cooper | October 14, 2020

A conversation about breast cancer with an inspiring survivor.

A conversation with Dominique Luecke

By Ken Cooper | September 10, 2020

This time around I get to know Dominique Luecke.

Meet my friend Jess Witkins

By Ken Cooper | August 7, 2020

Jess is a writer, performer, a blogger and one of the people that make this such a cool place to live. We talk about writing for a purpose, reading for…

The sweet art at Meringue Bakery

By Ken Cooper | June 23, 2020

It all started with a book about Jell-o.

Covid on the farm

By Ken Cooper | May 19, 2020

I talk with Midwest Family farm director Kaitlyn Riley about how Covid has affected the farm industry. Then I have a conversation with farm owner Donna about life today.

School in the time of Covid

By Ken Cooper | May 12, 2020

A chat with Barry McKnight from the La Crosse Public Library

By Ken Cooper | April 24, 2020

Barry and I talk about how the library is evolving to help us through these pandemic times.