Real Men Wear Pink In October

Every October, we come together to raise awareness and encouragement for Women's Health and Breast Cancer.  We also take this opportunity to encourage Real Men to Wear PINK every Friday throughout the month to show their support.

A pink shirt, a pink tie, an entire outfit if you'd like... we've even had a few of the guys dye their hair in support of the absolute best people in our lives!  You are our Wives and Girlfriends. Our Mothers and Grandmothers, Our Daughters. Our Friends.

We want to continue to share our lives along with you.

Ladies? If you haven't already, please take this time to schedule your annual appointment or start your relationship with a practitioner.  Many health issues and most breast cancers can be treated, or even cured, with early detection.

Please, make that appointment as soon as you are due.  For more information, or to schedule your appointment, use the links below:

Special Thanks to Olson Solar Energy for their support