A Taste of Fest

Brats for Seniors

Every Fall, we take pride in sharing a small taste of Fest with our seniors who cannot make it to La Crosse’s Annual Oktoberfest Celebration: hand delivering brats to our greatest generation. Our mothers and fathers. Our grandparents. Our friends and loved ones. Everyone deserves even a small reminder of why we celebrate this time of year, all throughout the Coulee Region.

Remember to visit with your loved ones, or just spend a few minutes on the phone to wish them a Happy Oktoberfest, and to show that you’re thinking about them as we give thanks and celebrate Oktoberfest!

Brats for Seniors is made possible thanks to generous donations from Bubba’s Meats, Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Catholic Cemeteries of La Crosse, and Olive Juice Quilts

Paul's Heating & A/C
Bubba's Meats
Catholic Cemetery
Olive Juice Quilts


Brats for Seniors

Pla-Mor Lanes

You’re gonna have a ball!
Some signs you can visualize without ever seeing them in person. Those giant white Hollywood letters. The flashing bulbs welcoming you to fabulous Las Vegas.

608 Brewing Company

Big. Bold. Beautiful. There’s really no other way to describe the beers 608 Brewing Company has been pumping out. Ok, you can add innovative in there. And pretty damn good.

If you like beer and your taste buds are adventurous, 608 Brewing Company is a must.

7 Rivers Surplus

More often than not, if you need a tool, it’s nowhere to be found around your house. First you go to the most logical place. The tool box in the garage. Then your search takes you to your basement. Nope, not down there either. It could be under the sink, or maybe it somehow ended up in the junk drawer. Or did you lend it to your neighbor?

The Hunger Task Force of La Crosse

Get to know your free and local food bank.

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